Friday, January 24, 2014

Student Loan Program through Lendkey Testimonial

"I just wanted to tell you about my GREAT experience with the Student Loan Program through Lendkey. My son applied the other day and added me as a co-signer. LendKey is VERY QUICK with their correspondence. Both my son and I had to download documents for them and it was very easy. One of my son's docs had to be resubmitted as a PDF and it took maybe 5 minutes before they responded, saying that they had received everything and that we should hear soon whether or not our loan was approved. THEN, just this morning, I learned that the loan was approved. I soon received an email containing a link to sign the loan documents online thru the Docusign service! Super easy!

This loan is to be applied for AFTER you have exhausted all other avenues such as government loans,both subsidized and unsubsidized; scholarships, etc. It's like the Parent Plus loan that the schools offer. My son is attending the U of M in the Twin Cities and their Parent loan offer to us was a higher rate of 6.9% AND for every advance, they charge a 4% origination fee...the LendKey program through the credit union has NO ORIGINATION FEE! (Interest rates are based on your credit.)
I can't say enough good things about this program." - Tammy B.

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