Thursday, January 30, 2014

Be Financially Fit This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t always about lavish and expensive gifts. It’s about taking a day to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them! Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to put a dent in your wallet; there are many fun, affordable Valentine’s Day activities.

Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Sweetie 

Watch a Movie Together
If ice-skating is too much of a slippery slope for you, consider spending the night at home. Make your favorite movie snack, relax on your couch and watch a movie together! Romantic movies are popular on Valentine’s Day but if that is not “your thing”, choose a movie you both will enjoy no matter the genre.

Ice Skating
The MAC has open skating both on Valentine’s Day and Sunday February 16th. Adults are only $6 each and skate rentals are only $3.00 per pair.  Whether you’re a pro at skating or someone who is a board hugger, skating with your sweetie will be a blast! After you make a few laps around the rink, take a break with a cup of Hot Chocolate.

Share a Present
Think of one gift you both want and can enjoy together. It could be a practical item like an appliance or it could be something as simple as a fancy bottle of wine. Whatever it is make sure it is something you both want!

Make Handmade Vouchers
This is a gift you can really get creative with! Here are some examples: half hour massage, make dinner for you, do your least favorite chore.

Make “54 things I love about you” gift
It’s an affordable and thoughtful gift. All you need is a deck of cards, paper and a printer (or marker).

Affordable Valentine’s Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s seem to be getting more and more expensive and class sizes aren’t getting any smaller. Below are examples of DIY Valentines you can make at an affordable price with out looking cheap:

Pipe Cleaner Rings:  All you need to buy is a bag of Hersey’s Kiss, and pipe cleaners. Use paper that you have around your house to write the Valentines Day message. (Cost for 30 of these: $6 to $8)

Super Hero lollipop: All you need to buy is a lollipop and use any paper, and crayons you have around the house to decorate your super hero! (Cost for 30 of these: $4 to $6)

Mad Lib Valentine: Instead of getting candy, print off a Valentine’s Day Mad Lib and roll it up and tie a paper heart around it. Add decorative paper if you have some lying around the house. If you need paper, Crafts Directs Discount store has scrapbook paper for 10 to 25 cents a paper (three sheets should be enough). (Cost for 30 of these: $4 to $5)

These ideas are sure to make your Valentine’s Day special. You don’t have to break the piggy bank to celebrate. All that matters is that you are spending the day with the ones you love!

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