Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seven Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is just around the corner, and as always – the safety of our Members and Community is very important to us.  Below are 7 tips for making sure you and your gang Trick-or-Treat safely this year…

1. Plan Your Route
It’s a good idea to decide what neighborhoods and streets you’ll be visiting for Trick-or-Treating ahead of time so you know you aren't wandering too far from home, which may result in some tired little legs.  Make sure it is a familiar neighborhood, in case any one gets separated.

2. Be Seen
When you’re putting the final touches on costumes and treat bags, consider adding a few strips of reflective tape to assure your kiddos can be seen.  Also, remember to carry along a flashlight, for when it gets dark – it’ll be helpful for tying shoes and seeing where you’re going.

3. Walk on the Sidewalk
This safety tips has two parts; first, make sure you and your goblins and ghosts walk while Trick-or-Treating for everyone’s safety. Second, make sure they stay on the sidewalk or a cleared path.  You never know when a car is going to turn down a street, and you may not be able to see items on the road that could cause a spill.

4. Make Trip-Free Costumes
When you’re getting ready to go, make sure everyone’s costumes are an appropriate length.  This may mean trimming the bottom, or adjusting the height of where a costume is worn, but it will also make for a safe, comfortable, and fun evening.

5. Fuel Up
Make sure you take the time to have a good meal (or snack, depending on the time) before Trick-or-Treating.  Also, have a water bottle along so that everyone stays hydrated.  It’ll help the kids (and you!) enjoy the night without having to substitute Skittles for a sandwich.

6. Lit Houses Only
This rule of thumb is one of the most basic Trick-or-Treating practices, but we wanted to include it in our reminders.  Make sure to only approach houses that are well-lit.  If there’s a light on but no one answers your knock, skip the house – they must like the tricks more than the treats.

7. Check the Candy
Before your kids dive into their bag of goodies, have a look at their candy. No, we don’t suggest this so you can pick out your favorite pieces (although 1 or 2 might not hurt), but so that you can assure that any candy that is not properly wrapped or labeled can be thrown out. Better to be safe than sorry!

We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween night, not-so-full of tricks and abundant in treats!

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