Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Face (and Voice) of Financial Fitness!

Hi! I’m Financially Fit Phoebe - (my friends call me Phoebs). You might recognize my name from our fun and upbeat radio ads, and now you can put a face to the name and voice! I work with the folks at St. Cloud Federal Credit Union to educate, support, and encourage our Members to become Financially Fit.

I wanted to take a minute (in this case, a blog) to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me!  As I said, my name is Phoebe, and I’ve been on the team at St. Cloud Federal Credit Union for just a couple months now, and I absolutely love it!  The people here are always so friendly and truly do have a passion for helping their Members.  I grew up in Minnesota and just graduated from college a few years back. 

When I first finished college, wasn't so great at budgeting my money and saving for my future.  When I realized that by getting my finances in shape, my overall well-being would benefit too – I've had Financial Fitness on the brain!  I got myself into shape, and have never been happier.  I have a monthly budget set up, I contribute to my savings regularly, and I’m working on paying off all my loans to be debt-free.  From experience, I know it’s easier said than done – but with the support, patience, and help the folks at SCFCU giveyou can become more Financially Fit too!

I’ll be posting blogs from time to time, so be sure to look for my signature.  I’m really excited to hang around at St. Cloud Federal Credit Union and help not just the Members, but the Employees too!  I know that together we can take the steps toward Financial Fitness, and make your financial dreams a reality!



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