Friday, April 5, 2013

Meet the 2013 Board!

We are both pleased and excited to officially announce our Volunteer Board and Supervisory Committee Members for 2013.
As a result of our recent Membership election, Melissa J. was newly elected to our Board of Directors, and Barry K. was re-elected to the board. 

2013 Board of Directors board includes:   
Andrew Johannes, chairperson (elected by the Board); Rick Wurst, first vice chairperson; Jackie Schoenfelder, second vice chairperson; Paula Erdmann; Larry Keenan; Barry Kirchoff; and Melissa Johnson. The 2013 Board-appointed Supervisory committee members include Rod Heiser; Gary Gillitzer; Jill Hoffmann; Luke Seifert; and Jon Grahek. 

Thanks to these Members above for volunteering their time and talent to ensure we are successful as a cooperative financial institution.  We would also like to recognize Tony S. for his past 6 years of service on our board.  Thank you Tony, we appreciate your support and commitment to SCFCU.

An additional 'THANK YOU' goes out to all of you, our valued Members and owners of St. Cloud Federal Credit Unionfor participating in our election process.  We're looking forward to another great year! We are People Helping People.

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