Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life in the Spotlight: Meet Bryce!

Have you seen the Sartell Chamber of Commerce’s April photo caption contest?  If so, you’ve seen the friendly smile of one of SCFCU’s prized employees, Bryce!  We wanted to allow you all to get to know the man behind the photo just a little bit better… who knows, maybe it’ll inspire some ideas for your own caption entry!

Bryce has been a Member Services Representative at our Sartell location for 3 years now.  His favorite part about working at St. Cloud Federal Credit Union are his co-workers (thanks Bryce, we like having you around too)!  Before the life of spotlighted photographs and helping our Members, Bryce dreamed of being a State Trooper in Alaska, which is where he would go if he could vacation anywhere.

While you’ll find Bryce’s smiling face whenever you stop in our lobby, it may fade now and then around this time of year. Why? Well, St. Patrick’s Day (Bryce’s favorite holiday) has passed, Winter (as a true Minnesotan, his favorite season) is coming to an end, and snakes and spiders (the 2 pets Bryce would never have) start to creep and crawl around.  Luckily, Bryce has The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy (his favorite TV shows) along with his two sisters to cheer him up!  Bryce’s favorite color is green, he listens to Country and Rap music, and if he could hang out with any celebrity for a day, he’d choose Sheldon Cooper; bazinga!

Bryce is a friendly, cheerful, fun employee to have here at SCFCU and we couldn’t be happier that he is a part of our team.  Thanks for all you do Bryce, we’re lucky to have you!

 We are People Helping People.

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