Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bill the IV

For the fourth time, there will be a newly designed $100 dollar bill.  The Federal Reserve estimates that this new $100 dollar bill will make its debut on October 8th, 2013.  The fancy and ‘high-tech’ bill will be one-of-a-kind and has several security features.

This bill has over a decade’s worth of research put into it, including its safety and designs aspects.  The new $100 bill aims to eliminate counterfeits by having a 3-D security ribbon, blue in color, down the front of the bill.  The blue ribbon also ‘moves’ when you tilt your cash from side to side.  This bright feature is not just printed on to the bill, but is actually woven into its fibers.  This security ribbon is not the only thing that transforms, the bell and ‘100’ on the front of the bill also switche from a copper color to a green color when the bill is tilted back and forth.  The shift from gold to green can make this security bell seem as though it disappears into the bill.

When you hold your new $100 bill under light, you’ll also notice a second image of Benjamin Franklin.  This faint face appears to the right of the main portrait and can be seen from either side of the bill.  While you’re ‘looking into the light’, you’ll also see a thread that is embedded vertically to the left of Benjamin’s face.  This additional security thread has both the number ‘100’ and the letters ‘USA’ in an alternating pattern.  Like Benjamin’s second portrait, this can be seen from either side of the bill, and when lit by a UV light, glows a bright pink color.

One of the most notable visual changes on the new $100 bill is the gold ‘100’ running along the back side of the bill.  This helps set the new style apart from the old.  When your rub your fingers over the bill, you’ll feel that aspects of Benjamin’s portraits are embossed, or raised from the rest.  This feature on his left shoulder is another major distinguishing factor in U.S. currency.

As mentioned, this is the fourth time that our Benjamin Franklin featured bill has been revamped and redesigned.  The three prior changes were all made in the last 20 years alone.  These changes and updates are continually working to improve security technology and reduce the ability to counterfeit.  For even more features of the new $100 bill, visit http://www.newmoney.gov/uscurrency/redesigned100.htm!  

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