Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bill Who? Bill What? BILL PAYER!

With St. Cloud Federal Credit Union, you have the opportunity to use our Bill Payer service, free of charge.  What is Bill Payer, you may ask?

Bill Payer is a safe and secure way to pay your bills online through your checking account at SCFCU.  It’s a great alternative to writing checks or logging onto several individual websites to pay your bills.

Bill Payer is easily accessible through our Online Banking section of our website.  Bill Payer allows you to designate several different ‘payees’; anything from heating and electric, to cable, to your daycare provider.  Most ‘common’ payees (which is about 85% of all payments) will be sent electronically, the other roughly 15% are sent out by check.  Depending on how your payment is sent, Bill Payer only needs a 3 to 6 day lead period to guarantee your payments arrive on time – which can help you avoid late fees!

When you use Bill Payer, your payment history is stored for approximately 18 months, allowing you to review your payments as needed.  Bill Payer also has a built-in security feature that sends you an email alert any time a new payee is created, when a payment is added, or when a payment is deleted – so you’re in the loop of everything that’s going on in your Bill Payer.

Member’s who have tried Bill Payer tell us all the time how much they love it, and that they can’t imagine going back and paying their bills any other way.

If you’re already using Bill Payer, check out our March promotion by clicking here. If you’d like to learn more about using Bill Payer or want to sign up – call or stop by, we’re happy to walk you through it and help get you started! Get #FinanciallyFit and take the stress out of paying bills!

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