Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Presenting, Erica!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard!  If you’ll please take your seat, close all overhead compartments, fasten your seat belt, and turn your attention to the front of the … just kidding!  We are dedicating this blog to our lovely Member Services Representative, Erica, who before her time at SCFCU, dreamt of being a flight attendant.

We've been lucky enough to claim Erica as one of our own for almost 10 years! Erica was an employee with us for about 5 years in our St. Cloud office prior to leaving to do daycare and spend time with her children.  She came back in 2007, and we couldn't be happier to have her! Now you can find Erica’s smiling face at our Sartell location.  Erica says her favorite thing about working at St. Cloud Federal CreditUnion is her fun co-workers – we think she’s pretty fun to have around too!

When she’s not helping our Members, Erica likes to go camping and spend time with her family and friends.  If she could spend her vacation time anywhere, she’d take off to Hawaii – and we’re betting it’s because of the warm weather; Erica’s favorite season is spring because it means winter is over!  Math was Erica’s favorite subject in school, and if she could spend time learning any language she’d choose Spanish.  Her favorite color is red, Christmas is her favorite holiday, and when it aired, Friends was her favorite TV show.

What you might not know about Erica is that she can do the splits. Its true folks, we've seen her do it – don’t believe us? Click here to see for yourself!

Erica’s bubbly, positive personality is always a joy to have around and our Members are always glad to see her in the Sartell lobby or drive-upWe’re so happy you’re part of our team, Erica – thanks for all your work!

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