Wednesday, February 6, 2013

All Good Things Must Come to an End ...

While our Financial Fitness efforts aren't going anywhere, our Series of Savings is drawing to a close - below are our final five tips to get you saving money today.  No fear, dear readers - we are sure to post other money saving, budget improving, fun fact blogs in the future...

16. Slow Down
Did you know that every 5 mph over 60 you drive is the same as paying an extra 29 cents per gallon of gas? Yikes! Driving a littler slower (ahem, the speed limit) can save you quite a bit.

17. Minimize ATM Fees
Look for ways to cut the ATM fees.  This may mean using a particular ATM, but if that’s too inconvenient, look for other options to get your fees reimbursed.

18. Plan your Meals
This one’s pretty straight forward; avoid the restaurant bills and excess grocery spending by planning and cooking your meals at home!  If you make a big batch, this might help with #5 as well.  When you are the chef, you have more control over ingredients, which often means a healthier meal for you.

19. DIY
That’s right, Do It Yourself!  With the explosion of Pinterest, how-to’s and project instructions are easier to find that ever.  You can make your own cleaners, furniture, gifts, and decorations!

20. Be on Time
Those late fees really begin to add up, how about cutting them out all together?  By paying your bills on time, you can begin to save from unnecessary (and unwanted) spending.

We do hope that our blogs in the Series of Saving have inspired you to take another look at your spending.  Saving money is not always easy, but it is possible.  We believe in you and are here to support you!

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