Monday, February 4, 2013

Let the Savings Roll - Series of Savings Part 3 of 4

Hopefully by now you've heard all about our 2013 goal for Financial Fitness!  Regardless, we're always excited to help you save money where you can.  Below are our next 5 tips in our Series of Saving!

11.  Unplug it
Get in the habit of unplugging your dormant electronics and appliances.  Pulling the plug on the toaster, phone charger, curling iron, or lamp can help you save you money on your electric bill.  Just don’t forget you’ve unplugged them, or you’ll be frustrated next time you pop some bread down!

12. Make a List, Check it twice
Make of a list of the bills you pay regularly: electric, phone, internet, cable, insurance, etc.  Designate two times a year to check and make sure that you’re still getting the best deals.  It might take some time to shop around and do a little internet research, but if you save money you’ll be glad you did.

13. Do your own Chopping
While pre-chopped fruits and veggies are convenient, if you start chopping your own not only will you save money, you’ll have fresher produce.

14. Swap Sitters
If you and your significant other need a night out and you know another couple feeling the same way, do a babysitting swap!  Tell them you’ll watch their rascals for a night if they return the favor.  You’ll save money on a babysitter and know your kiddos are in trusted hands.

15. Check it Out
Yes, libraries still exist.  Public libraries have free memberships and a plethora of books, magazines, and movies you can check out – FOR FREE (as long as you get it back in time).  Quit forking over money for rentals, cut the magazine subscription, and head over to your local library.

And like the good times, let the savings roll - We'll be back soon with our final 5 ways to save!

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