Friday, February 22, 2013

Your Voice is Heard

At St.Cloud Federal Credit Union, we value the voice of our Members and ensure they are empowered.  As a cooperative financial institution, all Members of our credit union are also owners.  When a person joins our credit union, they become one of the owners and shareholders of our institution.

As mentioned in a previous blog, one thing that differentiates credit unions is that we are “not-for-profit” – there is no private ownership.  We are member-owned and all our profits stay in the credit union, our local community, and aid in the benefit of our valued Members.   The democratic nature of our credit union allows all our Members to have an equal voice in the operation of the organization, regardless of the amount each person has in their account.  Credit union Members participate by voting in mail-in elections for the credit union's Board.

Our credit union is governed by our local, volunteer Board of Directors.  Now is the perfect time for all our Members to exercise their ownership and have a say in how their credit union is run!  Ballots for the candidates for our Board of Directors were recently mailed out.  Please take time to look them over, fill them out, and get them back to us by March 16, 2013.  Please join us on Thursday, March 21st for our Annual Meeting at our St. Cloud office at 3030 First Street South, in the lower level Community Room – cookies will be served, and election results will be announced!   The Business Meeting starts at 5:30 pm.

Our mission is to engage in a relentless effort to provide superior service to our Members.  We aim to educate, support, and encourage our members to be financially fit.
We are People Helping People.

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