Friday, January 2, 2015

Financial Fitness Resolutions

With 2014 at a close, it’s time to set your New Year’s Financial Fitness resolution. Setting a financial goal for 2015 will develop a rewarding habit that will continue for many years to come. Whether you are spending less money on the morning coffee, or setting aside a higher percentage of your paycheck for retirement, it’s time to start thinking about your financials, and we are here to help. The following are four easy tips to start your year off right.

Start envelope budgeting- Envelope budgeting is putting cash aside every month for your spending. You can start by dividing your money into certain categories. These can include taxes, rent, child expenses, groceries, date night and more. Assign each category to an envelope and budget your money to each category. Use the money as needed for each category. This will help you decide whether you need to spend the money, or if you can leave it for another time.

Pay down debt- Write down all your cards, their balance, and what the interest rate is on each. Increase payments on the card with the highest rate. If you aren’t already, try paying off the most expensive debt first, and try paying more than the minimum balance on it. Paying only a small percentage of the balance only prolongs the payoff.

Save more for retirement- Start saving, and keep saving! You will reward yourself in the long run if you continue to put 10 to 15 percent of your paycheck in a retirement fund. Make sure you know your retirement needs. Every individual’s retirement needs are different. Determine your needs ahead of time so you can prepare yourself- and your money- for the long haul.

Meet with a financial advisor- These men and women have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through financial decisions. They offer realistic goals that you can reach with their help. Invest in a good advisor and you can get started towards retirement in the right direction.

The best New Year’s resolution you can make is one to develop your own financial fitness. St. Cloud Federal Credit Union is here to answer all your questions you may have about getting yourself “in shape” for 2015. Give us a call at 320-252-2634 for more information. Have a very happy Holiday season and New Year!

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