Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What Does a Meaningful Difference Mean to Me?

What Does a Meaningful Difference Mean to Me?
At St. Cloud Federal Credit Union, a part of our philosophy is to create a meaningful difference for our members and our community. One SCFCU employee – Kjersten Fisher – sought to answer the question, “What does a meaningful difference mean to me?” This is what she came up with:


When I first started at St. Cloud Federal Credit Union, I was asked to make a meaningful difference for at least two people. I was a little hesitant, what does that look like? How will I know who to choose? To me, good customer service was doing what the member asked, with a smile & maybe a little small talk.
I came across one member who was depositing some money into her sister’s account. Her sister was a little low that month and she was helping her out. In her words, “Because that’s what sister’s do.” I come from a background of 3 sisters, and while in college, we always helped the others out – whether getting lunch or spotting for a new item of clothing. I really connected with what this member was doing. So I decided I wanted to do something for her. I mailed her a gift card to the new Hobby Lobby store with a little note about how I related to her.

A couple weeks went by and then my boss called me into her office. “I want you to listen to this, as she played me a voicemail from the member. On the voicemail, the member was near tears saying how much she needed something like that and thanked me for my kindness.

It was at that moment that it hit me; it wasn’t because I had given her gift card or even the amount. It was the meaning behind it. She does so much for others that it surprised her when the favor was returned.
Working here is unlike any company I have worked under. We want to do better for our members; not just in product or services, but in life. Making a meaningful difference means going beyond “good customer service.” It is more, “How can I make sure you know you are valued as a member and a human being?”

I have done a couple of meaningful differences since then, but the impact my first one had on me is one that will always stick with me.

– Kjersten Fisher, Marketing Specialist

St. Cloud Federal Credit Union is owned and operated by our members. Our board of directors is made up of volunteers, not industry big-wigs. We want to focus on helping our members enjoy the banking experience in more than the traditional ways. That’s what making a meaningful difference means to us.

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