Thursday, December 29, 2016

St. Cloud Federal Credit Union: Banking on a Meaningful Difference

Core values and mission statements are often well meaning, but sometimes get left behind as a company gets on with its business. Not at St. Cloud Federal Credit Union. We put great emphasis on living our core values and making them evident in our interactions with our members. (We even had a lovely plaque framed to remind us!)


Our motto is Banking on a meaningful difference. Our banking services are top notch, but what sets us apart is that meaningful difference, both in the lives of our employees and our members. It may seem a lofty goal but we are committed to this every day, and we’ll show you how.

It comes down to fulfilling our motto with purpose.

To us, PURPOSE stands for:

P - Passion Matters. We enjoy what we do, and we enjoy making a difference in the lives we touch.
U - United We Make a Difference. St. Cloud Federal Credit Union is a team, and our community is a team, and together we can do great things.
R- Reach for More Every Day. Inspiring our employees shows that we believe in all we can accomplish, which gets passed along to our members.
P - People are Trustworthy and Unique. Our culture is alive and dynamic thanks to the people and the energy within it.
O - Operational Excellence. Quality services and advice, authentic relationships, and genuine trust make our goals possible.
S - Service Above Self with Balance. Striving for improvement and excellence often means putting others first.
E - Embrace Change and Creativity. And wonderful things can happen!

Want to see our motto in action?

We couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the St. Cloud community, and here are some of the ways we’ve found to make a meaningful difference.

St. Cloud Federal Credit Union Annual Community Day

In October, we close our branches for one day in order to go out into the community to volunteer together at several local organizations. Our members got involved too, by suggesting the places where we could make an impact with our work, and it remains one of our favorite initiatives.

ChangeMakers Community Recognition Program

Part of making a meaningful difference is highlighting and thanking those in our community who are giving of their time and their hearts to make other people’s lives better. Read more about the 2016 winner, Fawn Wright of Project Linus, and you’ll be as inspired as we were!

Sartell High School Grant for Financial Education

We recently matched a financial grant awarded to Sartell High School to help fund Financial Education and a Micro-Financing Initiative for its students. A win-win-win, this program educates students about global poverty and human geography, while spurring small loans to those in developing countries and giving us a perfect opportunity to make a difference.

At St. Cloud Federal Credit Union, we will continue bringing these core values into our work and into our relationships with our members in everything we do.

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