Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Being a Member From Abroad—Ashley’s SCFCU Experience

At St. Cloud Federal Credit Union, we pride ourselves in taking care of our members. Whatever your current situation, wherever life takes you, we want to be there to help. One member, Ashley, tells us about her experience with SCFCU while she traveled abroad in her own words:

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 2.20.06 PM.pngStSt. Cloud Federal Credit Union is a place that has always been familiar to me growing up, as it still is today- with both of my parents being members there for over 20 years. When I decided to travel to Europe, I turned to my parents for advice on where I should set up my accounts before I leave. I needed a bank account and a debit card that would work for overseas for 3 months, have the features I desired and still be convenient for my family to make deposits. After discussing this with my parents, they suggested I stop into their credit union to learn more.

The next day I went to the St. Cloud Federal Credit Union to discuss my Europe trip and my plans for gaining access to my money while abroad. The staff at SCFCU made me feel valued and respected during all stages of my visit—from inquiry to new membership. They eagerly helped find the best product for me and also took the time to set everything up. I was surprised by all the benefits and features of their accounts—all of which fulfilled my financial needs abroad. 

The employees at the SCFCU understood that I would be away for several months and wanted to make my experience with them as smooth as possible. The staff showed me how to utilize my online banking account and even helped me download and sign into the SCFCU mobile banking apps. I realized that, to SCFCU, it was more than just setting up another checking and savings account, rather it was a new relationship being established with a valued member. This made me realize the clear difference between banks and credit unions.

Throughout my trip,I had no troubles with my checking or savings account, and my parents were able to deposit money into my accounts, which saved me in a couple emergency situations. I knew that if something did occur with my accounts while abroad that the staff at St. Cloud Federal Credit Union would take good care of me. As I am a member now, I see how the staff go the extra mile to ensure their members are taken care of and feel valued.

Thank you for the kind words, Ashley. We are happy to help. If you are heading overseas on vacation, on a study abroad program, or for any other reason and are curious about finances, contact St. Cloud Federal Credit Union.

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