Friday, April 8, 2016

We Asked Employees Their Tips and Tricks For Saving Money..... This is What They Have to hare:

Looking for ways to SAVE MONEY??? 

We asked employees their tips and tricks...this is what they have to share:

"I shop at Aldi! The produce is excellent and so cheap! We are staying in our budget, spending less than we ever have at the grocery store, and eating healthier than we ever have before. Win-win-win! I try to avoid going to the store. I use as much as I can of what is already in my cupboard/closets before going out and buying more. Then I buy what is on sale when I need it."

"I shop the clearance aisles. I generally don’t buy clothes unless they’re 50-75% off. A good trick for kids is to buy at the end of the season for the following year. The Children’s Place will have their t-shirts on clearance for $1.99 and then they generally have 25%-30% off coupon plus an additional 5% off for using their store card. This brings the price of a brand new shirt down to less than $1.50! That’s less than what it would cost at a used clothing store."

"I share my kids’ clothes with friends and family. Kids outgrow clothes very quickly and generally they’re in excellent condition. I have a network of people who pass clothing to me and I continue passing clothes along the line. This takes some organization, but it’s amazing how old nuisance clothes can be an amazing help to the other families. This is a HUGE money saver!"

"I use my credit card! I buy most things using my credit card and write each purchase down in my check book register, just like as if I were using my debit card. When the statement comes at the end of the month, I have all of the money sitting in my checking account and pay the bill in full. Once I reach 10,000 points on my credit card, I get a $100 statement credit. That is FREE money! I don’t pay interest on the balance on the credit card and you don’t have to pay taxes on the statement credit. I call it taking advantage of the credit card companies and not letting them take advantage of me! This also lets money sit longer in my checking account accruing interest, so I am making money on both sides of the equation."

"I am a super planner. I plan my bills/shopping/entertainment/groceries out in advance to make sure I am saving as much as I can. I keep what I need in checking and the rest goes to savings—I have specific sub savings to organize my funds for future bills, vacations, and long term. Out of sight, out of mind! When I run out in checking, I try my best to wait until my next paycheck."

"I have another savings elsewhere that comes out the day after I get paid- out of sight, out of mind! I also did our WINcentive account for us and both kids and club savings accounts here.. And one other thing I did was start saving for both my kids when I found out I was pregnant with them and continue to put money in each of their accounts with my payroll checks. This way when we have big expenses- vehicles, insurance, college or whatever- we have funds tucked away. The other thing, it pushes my kids to put money in their savings- what’s not to like about that!"

"My money saving tip is.... Shop at ALDI!! I love that place and it's amazing the price difference there really is between other grocery stores! If you haven't been there... Check it out!"

"Use the Club Savings accounts to save for specific, individual goals or sporadic expenses. It makes it easier to see your progress for each goal. If all your savings is lumped into one savings account, it seems like your balance is high, but you’re actually falling short of your needs for each individual expense."

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