Friday, November 6, 2015

Bank on a Meaningful Difference: A Commitment to Community

On October 12th, St. Cloud Federal Credit Union participated in the first annual Community Day, a day in which St. Cloud Federal Credit Union employees volunteered their time to make a substantial and meaningful difference in the lives of the St. Cloud area community.

Looking for a project to make an impact, we reached out to St. Cloud Federal Credit Union members on how we could leverage over 50 employees’ volunteer time. St. Cloud Federal Credit Union Member, Pastor Carol Jean, responded that Place of Hope Ministries had a need.

“When we heard that Place of Hope needed to update their second floor wing for women and children, we knew it would be a great match for our Community Day,” stated Jed A. Meyer, President and CEO of St. Cloud Federal Credit Union.

Place of Hope Ministries is a St. Cloud organization that has provided assistance, care, and shelter to the homeless population of the city for generations. They provide over 7,000 meals per month, as well as housing and shelter services to nearly 100 people each night. Place of Hope also covers services from counseling, ministry, and outreach service, and even provides an Expressions of Hope Thrift and Distribution Center.

Donning shirts emblazoned with the message of, “Bank on a Meaningful Difference,” St. Cloud Federal Credit Union volunteers were able to redesign and refresh the second wing at Place of Hope, a space designated for women and children in need. Volunteers focused on repainting gathering spaces, bathrooms, and hallways.

In addition to volunteering time and energy, the St. Cloud Federal Credit Union also donated $500 and provided lunch for the community at Place of Hope.

With service and community as core values for St. Cloud Federal Credit Union, we will continue to look for volunteering and giving opportunities. Where do you think we should volunteer next?

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