Friday, February 7, 2014

WOW Story #1

Helping our members stay "financially fit" can mean a variety of things. It can mean something as crucial as keeping your money from falling into the hands of criminals, as illustrated in this story.

An elderly member called us recently and talked to Member Service Representative Karen. She told Karen she would be stopping in shortly to withdraw some cash. She had received a call from a "debt collection agency" instructing her to pay an outstanding debt immediately or she would be taken to court.

It would be easy for us to simply give our member what she asked for, no questions asked. But our first concern is to look out for the welfare of our members. Karen contacted our member's daughter to verify that she agreed with this withdrawal, and the daughter said, "Yes".

When our member came in, Karen took the time ask more questions, to learn exactly what's going on. We know from experience that fraud is being perpetrated every day. Karen discovered that our member had been directed to withdraw cash and to purchase reloadable cash cards at a local pharmacy. She again called the daughter and alerted her that this must be a scam. No legitimate organization would do this. Our member and her daughter were grateful for Karen's persistence in helping them prevent a scam.